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(1)Traditional events
Daiho Sunauchi (Late October)
Often referred to as 'Zunauchi' by the locals, a traditional parade where a Sand Demon is lead through Daiho, casting 'cleansing' sand into the crowd
Fukue Minato Festival
(First day of October)
The event of the year, featuring dancing, drumming and Japanese style floats parading through the city centre. A chance to learn about Goto folklore and the mystical Nebuta warrior, before witnessing a breathtaking fireworks finale.
Hetomato (January)
Single ladies watch out! In this unique event, you'll find yourselves thrown onto a giant straw shoe and carried around town.
Iwatate Jinja (Shrine) Festival
Held in Kishiku for over 600 years, locals perform sacred dances that have been passed down over the generations.
Kaizu Shishi Dance (3rd of January)
Welcome the new year in with a bang! Held in Miraku, this party features Shishi dancing accompanied by traditional drums and flute music.
Ohmonde (14th of August)
Held on the small island of Sagano-shima for the past 800 years, join the party and dance to the sound of the beating drums!
Chankoko (13th - 15th August)
This is your chance to watch an ancient Buddhist dance that has been performed on Goto since 1187!
Naru Festival (Mid-October)
Set sail to the Naru 'gazi bana' with the local fishermen as they pray for a good haul in the upcoming seasons.
  Wow, there sure are a lot of festivals in Goto !  
Did you know: The Hetomato Festival is so unique and special, that it has been designated as one of the 'important cultural heritage' assets of Japan? But there are many more interesting festivals here on Goto. Let's find out more about them! 頂点
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