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E_A. Historic Sites in Goto

National Treasure Sites
Name Place
Dozoh Nyorai Ritsuzo Yoshida
Old Gorin Church Warabi
Hetomato Festival Shimo-sakiyama
Dozaki Church
Dozaki Church
Prefectural Treasure Sites
Name Place
Myojoin Amida Yoshida
Myojoin Yoshida
Dozaki Church Okuura
Chankoko Ozu
Egami Church Naru
Daiho Temple Bonsho Daiho
Daiho Sunauchi Daiho
Ohmonde Saganoshima
Daiho Temple
Daiho Temple
City Treasure Sites
Name Place
Karitate Oneonde Karitate, Tomie
Yamashita Oneonde Yamashita, Tomie
Kojima Kobako Kokima, Tomie
Togi Shrine Festival Togi
The Treasure of Temman Shrine Shimo-ohzu
Matsuzono House Buke-yashiki
Yoshida Tug-of-war Yoshida
Hakozaki gate of Gosha Shrine Kami Ohzu
Kabashima Shrine Festival Motogama

A picture of a dog drawn by Tetsu Shirakawa
(Historic Museum)

A letter written by Issai Saito (Historic Museum)

A letter written by Sadabei Sakabe (Historic Museum)
Old Gorin Church
Old Gorin Church
Egami Church
Egami Church
Myojoin Myojoin
‘Myojoin’ is the oldest wooded structure in Goto. It features a magnificent ceiling, decorated with 121 intricate pictures!

It was given its name in 806 by Kukai, the famous Buddhist priest who visited Goto.

One day, while praying for the locals and wishing them a better life, he was greeted by a bright star, shimmering in the sky above.

He took inspiration from this, and named the temple the 'bright star temple' or the ‘Myojoin’.
  There are many important buildings in Goto.  
  There are some old buildings in my town. Are they important as well?
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