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Surviving Crisis

(2)Getting up to fight
kai and tsubaki
How did they get over their difficulties ?

① Survivors were given temporary payments to cope with the after-effects of the incident. However, in 1997, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries issued reminders for repayment, despite the fact that victims were still struggling with the everyday costs of living, with the majority of their income dedicated to paying medical bills.

② Many support groups existed at the height of the incident, but after the court case, they have since dispersed. Additionally the patients have kept quiet for fear of possible discrimination due to the stigma surrounding the victims and their symptoms.


What kind of support does Goto-shi provide for them?
Plans Contents Activity Plans
  • Support for petitions and requests
  • We make petitions to the authorities and members of the Diet for listening to requests of Yusho patients.
  • Listen to Yusho patients request, make reports and present them to the authorities or members of the Diet.
  • Appeal the government and members of the Diet for aid.
  • Support for Yusho patients' physical checkups and investigations into their health
  • We initiate health research for Yusho patients entrusted by Nagasaki prefecture local government, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • Set up a nurse's station in Naru and Tamanoura to conduct a survey on the victims and take care of consultation, in addition to on the spot investigations by interviews and questionnaire.
  • Overall investigation of the Kanemi Yusho Incident and its effects on the successive generations
  • We provide ample exhibition booths of Yusho victims materials.

  • There are elementary schools and junior high schools that use Kanemi Yusho issues in their classes.

  • We are considering holding a symposium on the Kanemi Yusho Incident.
  • Collect some books and material about the Kanemi Yusho Incident by visiting media outlets, support centers, the victims and the press.

  • Study Kanemi Yusho in classes of social study, PE and comprehensive studies at elementary schools and junior high school. In addition, display articles about Yusho in the sub-reading materials for elementary school students.

  • We have set up an executive committee for a proposed Kanemi Yusho Symposium (temporary name) in cooperation with the parties concerned, intended to commemorate 40 years since the incident occurred.
  • Request to Kanemi Welfare
  • We make requests to Kanemi Welfare for a range of applications regarding expenses of Yusho patients.

  • We negotiate with Kanemi Welfare directly.
  • Submit petitions to Kanemi Welfare asking for the expansion of the range of medical expense claim available to victims.

  • Visit the president of Kanemi welfare to charge him with the medical expenses, and submit a request to increase special medical care for Yusho Patients.
  • Window service for Consulting Yusho troubles
  • We set up window service for Yusho victims.

  • We cooperate with all authorities.
  • Consult with the patients about their health and lives.

  • Have a medical consultation and hold a doctors' institute in cooperation with the authorities concerned.
  • Support the Kanemi Yusho Victims' Association
  • We subsidize the Kanemi Yusho Victims' Association.

  • Subsidize partly the Kanemi Yusho Victims' Association to support its activities and researches for the relief of the victims.


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