1. Introduction of Hetomato


  • ヘトマト1
  • ヘトマト2


Mid-January (On a Sunday)




It is believed that Hetomato originated from Atomato, a festival held in Kami Goto, where people put charcoal on their bodies to protect them from harm and keep evil spirits away, before diving into the sea!


  1. Sumo Wrestling.
    Children and adults take part in a sumo championship at the Shirahama shrine.
  2. Hane-tsuki
    A Japanese variation of badminton, but with a twist! The only participants are ladies married in the past year!
  3. Tamaseseri
    A frantic team game, where everyone scrambles to try to get possession of a ball.
  4. The highlight of the festival, where local men throw single girls onto a big mat in the shape of shoe. This is believed to bring happiness to the lucky ladies!